Preparing for the tiniest nerd

Rockets and robots // baby boy's room

Until you know you’re having a baby, you don’t have any of the material things you need. It’s not as though, at some other point in your life, you need a crib, a changing table, diapers and receiving blankets. It’s not like having a friendly house guest, who can sleep in the same kind of bed that you do or use the towels and toiletries you already own. You don’t have the baby stuff, the lotions, potions, bottles, pacifiers, tiny outfits or toys.

OK, maybe a few toys. You might have those.


So you create a room from scratch. And once you know you’re having a boy, you can select the right design elements for a tiny nerd. It wasn’t really going to matter what gender the baby was, nor what color his hair or eyes, nor how tall; he’s going to be a nerd. That trait is 100% in his genes.

Space Invaders wall decals over crib (from Ikea)

You fill the room with robots, rockets, bright colors and some Space Invader-like decals. You hang the handmade Star-Trek-themed mobile that a friend created. Nana makes a custom valance with rocket ship fabric. (She’s already got one grandchild and therefore her grandma-name selected.)

Star Trek mobile

And then you wait for the tiniest nerd to make his appearance. It won’t be long now.


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