Dreams and zombies and The Bloggess

For more than a year now, the Hubbs has been piecing together the makings of a zombie card game. It’s called “They’re Coming” and the idea, in a nutshell, is that you face off against one other player, pit zombies versus survivors, and attempt to reach your safehouse first and with the most non-Zombies.

The Hubbs commissioned art from a  bunch of cool artists, including Tommy Arnold, Joe Badon, Matt Collander and Christopher Martinez. He play-tested the game in weekly sessions with a friend. He created something from scratch and waited for the right moment to send it into the world.

A few weeks ago, he launched the game publicly, via a Kickstarter campaign. His goal was $4,000. We had a good initial launch, creeping towards $1,000 within a few days, and slowly rising toward $2,000. As his de facto PR woman, I tried to brainstorm some ways we could get the word out. We could tweet, network among friends and get on the Zombies Facebook page. But what we really needed was an Internet superhero to help us.

And she did. Our heroine looks something like this, if she were a brain-crazed zombie:

Less than eight hours after The Bloggess mentioned the game, we had reached our goal. Exceeded it, even.

In an email a few minutes ago, I was trying to find the best way to say, “We are so excited.” The Hubbs said it best, though. We are fucking ecstatic.

The Internet, y’all. It makes dreams come true. (With a million thanks to The Bloggess and her readers.)

They’re Coming is on Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter and the Internetz.

Top image in this post by Brian Brinlee; Bloggess-inspired zombie by Tommy Arnold.


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