Tiny brass dragon. Or griffin.

Dragon or griffin? Or something else entirely?

A few weeks ago, inspired by a fit of bizarre online window shopping, I declared that I wanted to start a collection of tiny brass mythological figures. Etsy offers a surprising number of such creatures, so I purchased a tiny unicorn and what was labeled as a dragon.

Behold, the dragon:

dragon? griffin?

The thing is, I don’t think it’s a dragon. Sure, it’s got wings and a tail.But from the other side, the head looks somewhat beakish. And what’s with those weird upper arm things? Are they talons? Claws? Paws?

griffin? dragon?

Here’s what a griffin looks like.

I can’t tell if I’m seeing fur, feathers or scales on that little guy I bought. What is he? Is this a terrible start to the weirdest collection ever? HELP ME.


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